First Place :     Janet Wegner- “Angles”   Second Place:  Steve Piepmeier - “Gamma Ray Reflection” Third Place:      Eleanor Houts - “Human Angle”             Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to all Photo Club members who entered the June photo contest. All of the entries can be seen on the club Flickr site. Judges comments can be seen here. You can see larger photos of the June 2019 Contest Winners  here  and all Contests on the club Flickr site.
Membership You can join the Photography Club of Quail Creek any time during the year. Club Dues are $20.00 per household for 2019. Current Members can renew at any time. Print the PCQC Membership Form- fill out- bring to a meeting.
Photography Club of Quail Creek 2019
Photography Club of Quail Creek
August Photo Contest You can enter the members August Photo Contest now!  The theme is Construction. Any PCQC member can submit up to 3 photos. A photo has to be 3 years old or less. Please rename each file with the title of the image. Size your image to either 13”X19” or 16”X20”  and then send all (large) jpg images to (copy and paste address) pcqccontest@gmail.com Entry Deadline is midnight - Aug 31, 2019. NEW: Detailed Rules and Guidelnes are here. 


The next education session offered to the PCQC membership will be held on September 18th. The topic will be determined later.  
June Photo Contest Winners :
September Monthly Meeting The September meeting of the Photography Club of QC will be held Weds, September 11, 2019. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm in the Kino Center. We will continue the National Geographic Travel Video series. We will be presenting lessons 11 & 12 . Notes from the two presentations at the August meeting can be found here Topic no 9 Five Obstacles to a Great Photo Topic no 10 Capturing the Spirit of People and under the Resources tab/Meeting Notes.

September 2019 Field Trip

The next field trip will be in September. The location and date is yet to be finalized.
August Club Photos of the Month
Photos submitted by club members are shown above as well as on our Flickr web site. Send to jimmsp AT AOL.com
Q3 2019 Photo Challenge The member’s Quarterly Photo Challenge  runs from July 1 to Sep 30, 2019. The topic is Inanimate Objects. The subject should be inaminate. Webster defines inanimate as “ not endowed with life or spirit”. Animate objects in the field of view are fine, as long as they are not the main subject. See this page for a description and rules.  Topics for the next challenges are also listed. Submit all photos to jimmsp AT outlook.com The photos submitted for the Q2 2019 challenge can be seen here on Flickr. and the winning 3 photos and summary of the voting can be seen on this page. 
For members who like to plan ahead, you can find the list of topics for the 2019 contests here.
Q2 2019 Photo Challenge Winners
First Place :      Lois Haglund- “ Bucharest Alley Cafe” Second Place:  Larry Phillips - ”Balance Rock At Arches NP” Third Place:      Jeff Krueger- “Monumental Sunset”