Photography Contest Entry Criteria:
Contest Criteria
Photography Club of Quail Creek 2019
Photography Club of Quail Creek
A. If shooting .jpg files in camera, we recommend you use the camera’s best quality .jpg file size. Please name the file with the title of the image, for example  “flower on cactus.jpg” B. Size your images to either 13”X19” or 16”X20”. These sizes will be close to the 3:2 ratio out of either a full frame or APS-C sensor camera. For printing purposes it is important that the long edge of the image be either 19” or 20”. The image resolution should be a minimum of 200 PPI. For display, the winning photograph will be printed to either 16”X 20” or 13”X 19”. Either portrait or landscape orientation is acceptable. C. Submit entries by midnight the last day of the contest month. For example, the October contest closes at Midnight on October 31st. D. Submit entries along with your name to the Photo Contest Chair using the email link on the contest page or at .  Be sure to include the name of the photographer in the text of your message. We can’t always tell by your email address. E. A maximum of three (3) entries may be submitted for each member. Each image must have a unique name or title relating to the subject of the photo. F. Basic image modifications such as color, exposure, cropping and minor distraction removal will be acceptable. Use of HDR is also acceptable. Manipulation of the image by adding components not in the original scene will disqualify the image. G. Photographs entered may be up to 3 years old. The location for shooting themed entries can be anywhere. All image files must include the EXIF data, which is embedded in the file by the camera in order to qualify. H. Members with winning photographs will be asked for image details (e.g. camera used, camera settings, telephoto settings, filters, Photoshop modifications, location situation, attraction of the subject, was photo spontaneous or researched, etc.). This information will be used in the monthly article for the "Quail Creek Crossing". I. Entry must be created and submitted by a Photography Club member in good standing.