Point-n-Shoot vs DSLR — How can I compete in a photo contest with my "point-n-shoot" camera, if others are using sophisticated high end ($) cameras such as Digital SLRs?       More >>> Helpful Flash Tips — In order to get the most out of your flash, you really need to take full control. Digital cameras with their built-in software are pre-programmed and make a few assumptions that may interfere with what you’re trying to accomplish.      More >>> Good Photo Stuff and Where to Find It. This article, originally compiled by Bob Blocher, refers to a number of resources that are available to the aspiring photographer.     More >>> Good Photographic Composition — Here are some guidelines. Use these principles to guarantee photographic success.       More >>> Digital Card Care — How to get the most out of your camera’s digital memory card.     More >>> Transferring Photos from Camera to Computer As with most things involving computers, there is more than one way to accomplish this.       More >>> How do I take pictures of fast moving objects? This is one of those things that you usually don’t think about, until you need it. And then, you probably won’t have your instruction manual with you!       More >>> The First Three Feet — More about Macro Photography. Equipment and other considerations.       More >>> Using Blur as a Composition Aid — Break the rules! Step outside the focal plane! Consider using blur to add interest to your photographs.       More >>> Straighten Your Photos — Here’s how to easily straighten your photos in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Nikon Capture NX, and Picasa.       More >>> Using Zoom as a Composition Aid — The capabilities of zoom lenses have improved considerably since they were first introduced. Here’s how to use them in your compositions.       More >>> Creative Composing with Zoom — Here are some additional uses for your zoom lens that allow a little more flexibility and creativity.       More >>> Using Shallow Depth of Field — Shallow depth of field can help to make your photos more interesting. More >>> Breaking the Rule of Thirds — Do you know the Rule of Thirds? Do you know when they can (and perhaps should) be broken?     More >>>
Photography Club of Quail Creek 2019
Photography Club of Quail Creek