PCQC Library & Resource Loan Program   The club has a growing library of photography books, instructional videos and donated photo gear. It is our intent to make these resources available to our members on a loaner basis.   All of our resource material and gear are stored in the Photography Club cabinet located in the Board Room at the Kino Conference Center. Both the president of the club and the program  chair have keys to the cabinet, which can be accessed while the Kino Conference Center is open and the Board Room is not occupied.   We do not want to create a formal or complicated process to allow club members to borrow any of the materials we have to loan. Therefore, the process is that a current club member can contact our club president or program chair, either by phone or email asking to borrow whatever specific resource is desired. They can then arrange a time to pick up the material.    The loan period will be up to two weeks and if there is no other request pending, that time can be extended by request. The club will keep a check-out sheet with the date out and the date returned along with the borrowing member’s name and phone number. It will be the borrowing member’s responsibility to return the material on or before the due date. Again, this can be accomplished by contacting either the club president or program chair to affect the return.   Currently the contact persons for loans are: Jeff Krueger-Club president- jskrueger53@cox.net  or 520-495-4920 Pat Thoresen-program chair- patriciathoresen@outlook.com  or 520-207-0372          
Library & Resouce Loan Program
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