Print the PCQC Membership Form- fill out- bring to a meeting.     Photography Club of Quail Creek Application Year  2017 Name _______________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Home Phone  ______________    Cell Phone  ________________ Email Address ______________________________________ Additional Email Address    ____________________________________ Photography Level   Professional Amateur Beginner   (Circle one) Membership Dues $20 for individuals and couples, payable on January 1 st  2017, $25 for a new members joining after October 1st, 2017 and will cover the following year.  Signed: ___________________________________________ Date:____/_____/________ Waiver of Liability I understand that the field trips of the Photography Club of Quail Creek (PCQC) may involve traveling to remote areas and hiking to photographic opportunities which could involve certain physical challenges and dangerous situations. And that these outdoor environments, by their very nature, present certain risks and hazards that could result in serious bodily injury or damages.  In consideration of the right to participate in such  field trips and the services provide d for me by the PCQC, I agree to assume all risks associated with such outings, accept all responsibility for my own welfare and will hold the PCQC harmless from all liability actions, clams and suits that could arise during my participation. This agreement shall serve as a release of responsibility on the part of PCQC, its respective officers, leaders, organizers, member and other participants. Signed:____________________________________________ Date:_____/______/__________    
Photography Club of Quail Creek 2018