Video Presentations
National Geographic “Masters of Photography” Video Course Series February 5, 12,19, 26 
  This video program is being sponsored by the PCQC and is being made available to all Quail Creek residents. This is a new series of photography video courses created by “The Great Courses” series and will continue Thursday February 5 at the Madera Club House in at 6:30 pm. Two units will be presented at each viewing in February:   Landscape and Nature: First Unit - February 5-  Madera Clubhouse, 6:30 pm Lesson 1  Joys of Nature Lesson 2   Exploring Landscapes Landscape and Nature: Second Unit - February 12- Madera Clubhouse, 6:30 pm Lesson 3   Guide Your Eye Lesson 4   Moment in Landscape People in the Environment: First Unit - February 19- Madera Clubhouse, 6:30 pm Lesson 1  Gaining Trust Lesson 2  Uncover the Human Condition           People in the Environment: Second Unit – February 26- Madera Clubhouse, 6:30 pm Lesson 3   Build Relationships Lesson 4   Use the Background   Viewers will be given access to the creative process of 12 top National Geographic photographers that will be a visually stunning and one-of-a-kind instructional series that should change the way you approach photography either using a DSLR camera, a point- and-shoot camera or an I-Phone camera. Anticipate each evening presentation to last 90 minutes.   Future units in March will be Color and Light and Story Telling. Sessions will be Thursday evenings at the Madera Clubhouse. The room will vary. Announcements will be made through the “X’tra” and the weekday “What’s Happening.”   
Photography Club of Quail Creek 2019
Photography Club of Quail Creek