Members Quarterly Photo Challenge

Member’s Quarterly Photo Challenge

This is a photo challenge where members can submit up to 3 photos per quarter, with no limits on

editing.   This Challenge is not meant to replace the current contest.  PCQC members are encouraged

to participate in both.

PCQC members will judge and vote.  Topics will be generally wide in nature. A photo and all its

elements must be taken within the quarter.

PCQC members will vote by selecting the top 5, assigning a weight, and submitting them to Jim B who

will tally the votes and announce the winners. The first place photo will be printed and displayed in the

club’s display case.

Photography Club of Quail Creek 2019
Photography Club of Quail Creek

Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines:


Members submit up to 3 photos per quarter. The photos should attempt to be on the topic for the



The photo(s) must be taken within the quarter.


Submitted photos must be jpegs, at least 1500 pixels on the long side. Photos should have a title.

Submit photos to


Photos should contain the EXIFS  (see


Photos will be displayed on Flickr with the title, and without the artist’s name. They will be posted

with an identifying number in the order received.


Photos can be edited in any manner; eg, not at all, simple crop, tone adjustments, HDR,

composites, advanced editing with Photoshop or other software like Topaz. Elements of the photo may

be removed, or replaced, or added. There are no limits on image post-processing. Edit to your tastes

and the voters will decide if it’s too much.


Any composite photo must have all elements taken by the same photographer, with the same

camera, and within the time period of the challenge. Honesty is assumed.


At the end of the quarter, a spreadsheet will be generated and sent to all club members for

voting. A member has 4 days in which to vote and return the spreadsheet. A member cannot vote for

his or her own photo.


Members should judge the photo based on the overall impact on them. Technical aspects like

focus and sharpness should be considered, as well as artistic aspects like composition, texture, &



A member has 5 points to assign to their top 5 photos.  The points per photo can be 0.5, 0.75, 1,

1.25 or 1.5.  The sum of the points must be 5. It is acceptable to rate 5 photos with 1 point each.


A returned ballot that does not add up to 5 on 5 photos will be discarded.


The photo with the highest total of points will be declared the winner of the challenge.


Winners should be prepared to discuss how they edited the photo.

Q2 2019
Looking Up or Looking Down
The photo should have the perspective of looking up or looking down on your subject – just not straight across. Think of an airplane in flight, or an ant out for a walk.
Q3  2019
Inanimate Objects
No flowers or pets – but lots of other possible subjects. Animate objects in the field of view are fine, as long as they are not the subject..
Q4 2019
Free Study
Any subject / topic is fine. Tell us with the title.
Q1 2020
One or more people, in any setting or place.
Q2 2020
Dominant Color
The photo should have a dominant color that immediately attracts the viewer’s eye to the subject.